Debatte: Jonathan Zittrain und Larry Lessig über Netzneutralität

Bei Radio Berkman gibt es ein Gespräch zwischen Jonathan Zittrain und Lawrence Lessig über Netzneutralität: Jonathan & Larry TAKE ON… Net Neutrality!

What started out as a high level policy debate among internet service providers and telecommunications geeks has since blossomed into an all out war, with battle lines ostensibly drawn between those who value free expression and innovation on one side, and free market advocates on another. The idea is that ISPs should not be allowed discriminate between any kind of content that comes over the wires to your home. The implication is that some regulator needs to step in to make sure this idea is enforced. But as with any contentious debate there are subtleties, complications, and hints that the discussion should be steered in a completely different direction. And few have a better acuity for the nuances of such a geeky topic than Jonathan Zittrain and Larry Lessig.

Everything you wanted to know about net neutrality but were afraid to ask, in this month’s segment of Jonathan & Larry TAKE ON…!

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