EU-Kommission begrüsst RFID-Warnhinweis vom Foebud

Der Foebud hat die Ergebnisse des eigenen Design-Wettbewerbes für einen RFID-Warnhinweis an die EU-Kommission geschickt. Diese begrüsst nun in einer Mail an den Foebud das Engagement und die Ergebnisse. Das Schreiben darf ich hier mit freundlicher Genehmigung der EU-Kommission und des Foebud e.V. veröffentlichen:

Thank you very much for your e-mail and for sending us the RFID logo and drawing designed in Germany. Such an initiative is welcomed by the European Commission as it supports one important element of the draft Recommendation on the implementation of privacy, data protection and information security principles in RFID-enabled applications. This Recommendation is now scheduled for adoption in early 2009. It should include, among other things, a recommendation to RFID application operators to inform individuals on the presence of RFID readers and, in addition, a recommendation to retailers to adopt a sign indicating that tags are placed on or embedded in products.

Therefore, FoeBud e.V.’s initiative shows that European stakeholders have started to tackle the essential issue of defining ways to improve information and transparency on the use of RFID in various applications. No doubt FoeBud e.V. will be invited in due course to participate in the discussions towards the implementation of such provisions of the Recommendation. I will forward the logo and drawing to colleagues from other relevant Commission departments, in particular DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Justice, Liberty and Security, and I will let you know of any comments or suggestions regarding the initiative.

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit
Networked Enterprise & Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Da hat das doch was gebracht.

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