Free EUtube

Die Kampagne „Free EUtube“ fordert „Our Right to comment on Eutube propaganda“:

* Recently the European Commission launched EUtube, EUtube is a Youtube channel for EU content
* In an unprecedented move the European Commission disabled EUtube user comments.
* European Union officials educate us why they need to listen to citizens. ‚EU communication must be a two way street‘, says Commissioner Wallström. How does video propaganda improve our participation? How do disabled «user comments» improve EU listening?
* is no European company. It uses public content from the European Commission for free. However, European citizens may not download, use, or remix these videos without permission: Copyright infringement!
* The European Union cannot guarantee that Youtube respects European privacy and data protection standards.
* The EU Commission cooperates with commercial platforms from abroad such as Youtube but not Wikipedia and true European civil society groups. Why does the Commission discriminate non-commercial platforms?

We demand:

1. Citizens and democratic institutions define EU policies. Commission officials are obliged to serve.
2. Public EU content needs to be free, that is public domain or published under a license such as Creative Commons
3. Public video content has to be released without copy protection, using open formats.
4. Public video content has to be unbiased or multipartisan, informative and decent.
5. EUtube comments censorship must stop.

Wir hatten vor zwei Wochen mal über EUTube geschrieben: Europa-Propaganda für weniger Politikverdrossenheit?

Eine Ergänzung

  1. Der Potest scheint schnell Wirkung gezeigt zu haben. Mittlerweile hat eutube die Kommentarfunktion wieder aktiviert und schreibt:

    We appreciate your reactions. The possibility to comment on the videos has been reactivated. We indeed pre-moderate and therefore your comments might not appear online instantly. However, pre-moderation does not mean censorship. We only remove messages that are either clearly spam, contain abusive language or which are clearly xenophobic. We welcome any debate about the EU and the content of the videos.

    Das ändert aber nichts an der Tatsache, dass die meisten Userkommentare dämlich sind – aber das ist vielleicht eher ein Problem von Youtube als ein Problem der EU.

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