Gwen Hinze von der EFF zum WIPO Broadcast Treaty

TheDigitalMusicWeblog hat ein interessantes Interview mit Gwen Hinze von der EFF zum WIPO Broadcast Treaty: Digital Music Profile: The EFF’s Gwen Hinze.

[TDMW] Could you briefly explain how you believe that the broadcasting treaty will work/not work alongside the existing law of Copyright?

[GH] The treaty would create a new layer of rights that apply over, and in addition to, copyright. The treaty also requires signatory countries to provide legal protection for technological protection measures (TPMs) used by broadcasters. The new rights, backed by legally-enforced TPMs, would allow broadcasters and cablecasters to restrict access to transmitted information even where a work is the Public Domain, licensed under a Creative Commons licence, or where use would be permitted under national copyright law.

The treaty allows, but doesn’t require, signatory countries to create exceptions that parallel those in national copyright law. So for end users, whether you’ll be able to make use of transmitted material the same way then comes down to the political will of your national government, and the strength of domestic broadcasting lobbyists when national implementation legislation is debated in parliament.

Deine Spende für digitale Freiheitsrechte

Wir berichten über aktuelle netzpolitische Entwicklungen, decken Skandale auf und stoßen Debatten an. Dabei sind wir vollkommen unabhängig. Denn unser Kampf für digitale Freiheitsrechte finanziert sich zu fast 100 Prozent aus den Spenden unserer Leser:innen.

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