OK GO über Netzneutralität

Damian Kulash von der Band OK GO hat in der Washington Post einen Kommentar zur Netzneutralitäsdebatte aus Sicht eines Musikers geschrieben: OK Go on net neutrality: A lesson from the music industry.

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Music is subjective, of course, so you don’t have to agree with my assessment of what’s innovative and what’s trash. But business is less so, and the past decade of the music industry is as clear an example as you can find of what happens when the depth of pockets, not the quality of ideas, is the arbiter of success. It’s been like a corporate version of the Three Stooges: absurd flailing, spectacular myopia and willful ignorance of reality. Now that the big record companies have made themselves obsolete, bands such as mine can make a better living without their help than we can with it. The lesson is that insider’s clubs don’t nurture the best ideas, which is the whole point of markets: Competition is supposed to keep everyone on their toes. Sure, it’s a drag that the radio plays such bad music, but it won’t sink our economy. Can you imagine, though, what would happen if we let the same thing happen to ideas themselves?

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