Wireless Community Weekend 2008

Am Wochenende gibt es wieder ein „Wireless Community Weekend 2008“ in der c-base in Berlin.

Topics of this years gettogether are routing protocols, hardware, firmware and layer 8. We are especially looking forward to have presentations of data and papers describing what is really going on in the freifunk wireless mesh networks. Further on we will talk about opportunities for the future of wireless community networks and how to make it easier for content creators to actually publish content on their wireless routers and in the network. Proposed presentations include topics like p2p clients for wireless networks or wireless mesh for local mikro fm distribution. Another area becoming more and more relevant is the legal environment for community networks and new legeslative measures in the EU. We invite experts, lawmakers and enterprises to work with us on a guide to best practices for freifunk node and Internet gateway operators. As in previous years, we will provide open spaces for the community in the c-base to discuss and work on projects. As well we will have a number of special guests in the evening presenting the latest creative commons hits and of course the legendary freifunk BBQ.

Das Programm und weitere Infos gibt es im Freifunk-Wiki. Ich werde Samstag Abend um 19 Uhr ene Session anbieten, wo es konkret darum gehen soll, wie die Politik Freie Funknetze fördern kann und was man gesetzlich alles verbessern müsste.

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