25C3: Nothing to hide

Das Congress Motto für den 25. Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) des Chaos Computer Club steht jetzt fest: Nothing to hide.

You could say that they are being ironic, even — but there’s more to it. After all, it has been a successful year for us, the digital natives and infonauts. The German constitutional court not only established a new fundamental right to digital privacy, the court is now also a subscriber to the CCC’s magazine, Die Datenschleuder. The CCC is visible in all the debates. Clearly, this is nothing to be shy about. With all these successful campaigns, the CCC has the right to show off. Their success is Nothing to hide! But this goes beyond political activism. Other members of our merry band of deviants have Nothing to hide, too. After all, nerdy pastimes like obsessive coding or tinkering with microcontrollers are cool now. It’s time to get out of our closets and show our soldering scars with pride!”

Ich finde das Motto gut. Schön doppeldeutig!

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