Popkomm: Action against SonyBMG – Copy protection Disempowers

On the popkomm today, we staged a small action at the SonyBMG stand with our large „Copy protection Disempowers“-banner. SonyBMG are to date not cooperating with providers who would like to deliver music downloads without restrictions and protection schemes. For this the MP3-format would be well suited. We therefore suggest a Boycott of SonyBMG-music which is delivered with copy protection. Sony was responsible for the Rootkit-disaster, spreading millions of cds containing malignant software. Sony is also one of the largest manufacturers of hardware with built-in copy protection systems.


You can find more pictures and background on this article in german.

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  1. Vielen dank die die tollen informationen. Ich schreibe seit vor kurzem ein referat über dieses thema und wollte mit herzlichst bedanken…

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Harun Isik

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