Neue Regeln für Geheimdienste: NSA soll „irrelevante“ Daten von Ausländern nach fünf Jahren löschen

David E. Sanger berichtet in der New York Times: President Tweaks the Rules on Data Collection - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

A year after President Obama ordered modest changes in how the nation’s intelligence agencies collect and hold data on Americans and foreigners, the administration will announce new rules requiring intelligence analysts to delete private information they may incidentally collect about Americans that has no intelligence purpose, and to delete similar information about foreigners within five years.

The timing of the announcement about the new review process comes the week before Ms. Merkel is scheduled to visit the White House, where a long-debated arrangement for greater intelligence sharing between the countries is expected to be discussed.

In the new rules, „the F.B.I. will now presumptively terminate National Security Letter nondisclosure orders at the earlier of three years“ after the opening of an investigation, the administration will announce, or at the close of the investigations. But an exception can be made if a midlevel F.B.I. official offers a written justification for continued secrecy.

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  1. „private information they may incidentally collect that has no intelligence purpose“

    Also für den eigentlich angedachten Zweck vollkommen irrelevante, private Daten.
    Die sind nicht etwa zu löschen, gar nach fünf Jahren, sondern nicht zu erheben. Ganz einfach.

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