When Copyright Goes Bad

When Copyright Goes Bad“ ist ein Film von Ben Cato Clough und Luke Upchurch über negative Auswirkungen eines reformbedürftigen Copyrights:

Suddenly, copyright rules no longer do what they are supposed to do. They have gone bad. This is a film about how copyright has become one of the most important consumer issues of the digital age; why corporate lobbying risks criminalising the actions of hundreds of thousands of people; and what the future holds for the fight for fairer copyright laws.

When Copyright Goes Bad is an introduction to the renegotiation of copyright and is for anyone interested in how copyright is affecting consumers. It features some of the key players in the copyright debate, including: Fred Von Lohmann – Electronic Frontier Foundation; Michael Geist – University of Ottawa Law School; Jim Killock – Open Rights Group; and Hank Shocklee – Co-founder of Public Enemy.

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