Mit Peer-Production gegen Korruption

Im Economist ist ein Portrait über Lawrence Lessig und seine aktuelle Arbeit: Cyberlawyer 2.0.

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He is also arguing his case in speeches and on his blog, with the hopes of inspiring and encouraging others to participate in his campaign, in a manner akin to Wikipedia. If “you can architect the problem into bite-sized chunks” and then motivate volunteers, the results can be impressive, he says, noting that Wikipedia has grown to be one of the internet’s ten most popular sites. “If we mobilise people to think of [corruption] as a trackable problem, we can use this technology to change Washington,” he declares. His supporters reckon that if anyone can do it, Mr Lessig can. Whether speaking to a legal, policy or technology crowd, says Mr Zittrain, “Larry can take the incomprehensible debates from academia and put them on a bumper sticker.”

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