Interview: Gabriella Coleman über Hackerkultur

Im Blog des Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology findet sich ein Interview von David Bozzini mit der Anthropologin Gabriella Coleman, die sich auf die Erforschung von Hacker-Communities spezialisiert hat. Sie spricht darin über Hackerkultur und ihre Politisierung. In einem zweiten Teil soll es dann um konkrete politische Aktionen und das Hackerkollektiv Anonymous im Speziellen gehen.

While computer experts active as hackers have entered the realm of contentious politics in recent years, many of their political commitments are older and more focused on immediate spheres of work and life: they demand free and open-source software development, alternative decentralized architectures, and improved security and privacy for everyone in the Information Age. So, hackers importantly engage with how our digital lives are shaped and seek to improve our understanding of what is at stake in a networked society, as the powers and potentialities set free by the IT revolution are enormous but their technicalities are difficult to grasp and assess. In a world where the digital becomes increasingly entangled with our daily routines and security, hackers and whistleblowers help citizens and social scientists to understand how our societies are changing and must be defended.