How Obama Really Did It

Die US-Ausgabe der Technology Review hat einen grossartigen Artikel über die Social-Networking Strategie der Obama-Kampagne gemacht: How Obama Really Did It.

„The campaign, consciously or unconsciously, became much more of a media operation than simply a presidential campaign, because they recognized that by putting their message out onto these various platforms, their supporters would spread it for them,“ says Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, a website covering the intersection of politics and technology (and another Dean alumnus). „We are going from the era of the sound bite to the sound blast.“

Zur Abwechslung mal ein gut geschriebener Artikel über eCampaigning-Strategien von einem Autor, der die verwendeten Technolgien und ihre soziale Nutzung versteht und ausführlich beschreibt.

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  1. „All campaigns scrutinize public records showing who is registered to vote and whether they have voted in past elections. The Obama campaign will be able to merge this data with MyBO data. All MyBO members‘ activity will have been chronicled: every house party they attended, each online connection, the date and amount of each donation.“

  2. „MyBO–unlike Facebook–allowed her to quickly upload her entire Gmail address book, grafting her network onto Obama’s“

  3. „Yes, there are blogs and Listservs,“ Franklin-Hodge says. „But the point of the campaign is to get someone to donate money, make calls, write letters, organize a house party. The core of the software is having those links to taking action–to doing something.“

    Sehr schöner Artikel.

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