Buch: Blown to bits

Das Buch „Blown to bits – Your life, liberty and happiness after the digital explosion“ gibt es jetzt online zu lesen. Alle Kapitel stehen einzeln unter der Creative Commons NC-BY-SA – Lizenz zum Download bereit.

Writing in plain English, the authors illuminate the myriad implications of the digital revolution, answering the questions you’ve wondered about–or ought to wonder about. Who owns all that data about you? What do they owe you? How private is your medical information? Is it possible to send a truly secure message? Who can you trust for accurate information when traditional media is replaced by thousands of unfiltered Internet sources? Along the way, they reveal the decisions governments and corporations are making right now that will shape your future…and show how to have your say in those decisions. Because you have an enormous stake in the outcome. We all do.

How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Your World More Profoundly Than You Ever Imagined.

Deine Spende für digitale Freiheitsrechte

Wir berichten über aktuelle netzpolitische Entwicklungen, decken Skandale auf und stoßen Debatten an. Dabei sind wir vollkommen unabhängig. Denn unser Kampf für digitale Freiheitsrechte finanziert sich zu fast 100 Prozent aus den Spenden unserer Leser:innen.

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