Informationsgesellschafts Trends in Afrika

Die ITU hat vor kurzem den „Digital Opportunity Index (DOI)“ für das Jahr 2005 veröffentlicht. Gesondert geht man im ITU-Blog nochmal auf Afrika ein und hat dort diese anschauliche Grafik veröffentlicht: - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

From a telecommunication policy perspective, high-ranking countries illustrate the influence of liberalization and competition in promoting opportunity and infrastructure deployment. Most of the North African countries, as well as Senegal and South Africa, have opened their fixed and mobile markets to competition and are rapidly increasing high-speed network deployment. Competition is helping to reduce tariffs and introduce service packages that respond better to the needs of the population. In Algeria, for instance, the entry of a third wireless cellular provider triggered new strategies for prepaid services that had not previously been offered by the incumbents.

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