Chaosradio-Interview mit Joi Ito

Beim Chaosradio-Express gibt es ein Interview mit Joi Ito, welches Tim Pritlove auf dem 22c3 mit ihm gemacht hat. Die MP3-Datei ist 57MB gross.

Chaosradio Express episode 11 is an interview with 22C3’s keynote speaker Joi Ito. The interview touches various topics including Chicago’s club scene and Joi’s affiliation with it, the early Internet days via X.25, Creative Commons licensing issues, the Open Source Initiative, political activism in general and what can and should be done, optimism vs. pessimism in the current situation of global political fighting, ICANN, living a super-public life and combining all kinds of modern communication tools, the influence of the Internet on political activism and democracy and of course the 22C3 and his personal experiences at the event.