Lawrence Lessig: Die Geschichte von Creative Commons (1)

Lawrence Lessig beschreibt im Creative Commons Weblog die Geschichte und Motive von CC. Gestartet wird mit dem ersten Teil: CC: Aims and Lessons

Like the Free Software Movement, we believed this device would help open a space for creativity freed of much of the burden of copyright law. But unlike the Free Software Movement, our aim was not to eliminate „proprietary culture“ as at least some in the Free Software Movement would like to eliminate proprietary software. Instead, we believed that by building a buttress of free culture (meaning culture that can be used freely at least for some important purposes), we could resist the trends that push the other way. Most importantly, the trend fueled by the race to „digital rights management“ (DRM) technologies.

What’s wrong with DRM? And what about „fair use“? Great questions. Tune in next week for the start of an answer.

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