Wahlbeobachtung in San Francisco

Einen Wahlbeobachtungs-Bericht aus San Francisco gibt es bei Techpresident zu lesen: Voting Machines = Headaches. Das Fazit ist vernichtend:

Wir finanzieren uns fast vollständig aus Spenden von Leserinnen und Lesern. Unterstütze unsere Arbeit mit einer Spende oder einem Dauerauftrag.

After years and millions of dollars spent planning, buying, and implementing new election machinery and systems with the worthiest of intentions, the results are dismal. The voting system in San Francisco is not ailing or inconsistent or disheveled, it’s flat out broken. Millions of dollars of new machinery down the drain, poorly trained poll workers and poorly educated voters, voters who come to vote and find out that they’re not registered, or not at the right polling place. And, while states and counties bumble toward electoral meltdowns, the confidence of voters continues to swoon southward. As a digital utopian, I am in fully in favor of moving to online voting as quickly as we can. In the meantime, after watching this debacle and with the presidential primaries in California just four months away, I was left thinking that a better system right now for Californians would be a paper ballot that voters check off with any pen and drop into a ballot box.

Dazu passend: California sues voting machine vendor over sales of unauthorized equipment.

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  1. As a digital utopian, I am in fully in favor of moving to online voting as quickly as we can.

    und das ganz ohne einen einzigen vorschlag, wie man das wahlgeheimnis, anonymität, geringe manipulationsmöglichkeit bewahren könnte. beängstigend.

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