Schweiz: Blogcamp – Blogkonferenz in Zürich

Nach dem Erfolg des Barcamps im Herbst, findet im Frühling nun ein Blogcamp in Zürich statt:

BlogCampSwitzerland is a European conference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It‘s built upon the principles of the famous BarCamp (ad-hoc unconference) in the Silicon Valley.
BlogCampSwitzerland will host an open environment at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), for a maximum of 200 Bloggers from all over Europe. This is going to be an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees. Any blogger who wants to contribute is welcome and invited to join. It’s all about making money with blogs and the people doing it!
This is a non-profit event: Attending is free of charge. (source:BlogCampSwitzerland – BarCamp Switzerland)

Blogcamp findet am 24.3.2007 von 10 – 16:30 an der ETH Zürich statt. Interessierte können sich im Wiki anmelden.