Danah Boyd über Social Networks

Danah Boyd war zu Gast bei der Berkman Luncheon Series und sprach über Social Networks. Davon gibt es jetzt eine MP3, die ca. 80 Minuten lang ist.

On June 19, danah boyd participated in the Berkman Luncheon Series to discuss her work and research in the area of social networks. She provided a great historical context to the various sites that have come and gone from the center of Internet activity, as well as some insight into what brought about their successes and failures.

Prior to her presentation she explained, “Publics offer youth a space to engage in cultural identity development. By engaging in public life, youth learn to interpret the cultural signals that surround them and incorporate these cultural elements into their life. For a diverse array of reasons, contemporary youth have limited access to the types of publics with which most adults grew up. As a substitute for these inaccessible publics, networked publics like MySpace and Facebook are emerging to provide contemporary American youth with a necessary site for peer engagement.”

Interessant ist auch ihr aktuelles Essay über „Klassenunterschiede“ in den Social Networks: Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace.

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