Creative Commons Statistiken und Wikimedia Commons

Hie rgibts eine nette Statistik, wie verbreitet Creative Commons Lizenzen in verschiedenen Top-Level-Domain Bereichen sind: Creative Commons Around the World.

To compile the metrics I used the Internet Systems Consortium July 2007 list of top-level domain names by host count distribution. From that I selected the 71 domains with more than 100,000 hosts. I then run a Google search for all pages in each domain (for instance .edu) and a search for the pages in that domain containing the string „creative commons“. The results, ordered by the percentage of pages containing the consecutive words „creative commons“, (most of which are presumably licensed by a corresponding license) are striking.

Der .de-Bereich liegt auf Platz 27 . Von 131,000,000 gefundenen Seiten enthielten 2,080,000 den String „Creative Commons“. Das ist ein Wert von 1,59%.

Die WIkimedia-Commons hat mittlerweile mehr als zwei Millionen Werke unter einer Creative Commons LIzenz veröffentlicht:

Wikimedia Commons, the multilingual free-content media repository managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, reached the milestone of two million uploaded files on October 9, 2007, less than a year after it reached one million. This makes Wikimedia Commons the fastest growing large Wikimedia project. The rapid growth reflects the young age of the project, launched just over three years ago in September 2004. Since March 2007, Wikimedia Commons has routinely had over 100,000 files uploaded every single month. It is now not uncommon for over 5,000 files to be uploaded in a single day. The largest single-day figure so far has been the 9th of September 2007, when a huge 9719 files were uploaded in a mere 24 hours.

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