EDRi-gram Nummer 3.13 vom 29. Juni erschienen

Das neue EDRi-gram der European Digital Rights Initiative ist erschienen: Nummer 3.13, 29. Juni 2005

* Heated debate on ID cards in the UK
* French NGOs: no consensus possible on biometric ID-card
* Police backdoor discovered in Italian alternative server
* US Supreme Court: liability for P2P software providers
* Dutch study fails to prove usefulness and necessity data retention
* Freedom of information in Germany and the UK
* OSCE conference on media freedom on the Internet
* Preview of the G8-meeting in Gleneagles
* Rome II: Applicable law and freedom of expression
* Update on Alvar Freude case
* EDRI granted observer status in CoE HR group
* EDRI contribution to WIPO prep-meeting Development Agenda