Copyright Conference in Cracow

On April 20 – 22, 2005, in Cracow, an international conference on contemporary copyright law will take place. The title of the conference is „Where is the copyright law heading in the contemporary world?“ and it will touch on Creative Commons concept, the nature of intellectual property, information society, as well as discussion over software patents in Europe. The speeches organized around three distinct panels – music, computer technology (software), and advertisment will be held by prominent Polish law representatives from Jagiellonian and Warsaw Universities in marvelous, historical Jagiellonian University buildings. Even Lawrence Lessig will be there! The only thing I can’t understand is why the INTERNATIONAL conference internet page, the program, and general description is only in Polish?

Some general details:

Międzynarodowa konferencja prawa autorskiego ‚Dokąd zmierza prawo autorskie we współczesnym świecie‘

When: 20-04-2005 do 22-04-2005
Where: Aula Collegium Novum UJ, ul. Gołębia 24 (20.04) oraz sala konferencyjna Biblioteki Jagiellońskiej (21, 22.04)

Organized by: ‚Towarzystwo Biblioteki Słuchaczów Prawa UJ‘

Telephone: Piotr Wasilewski tel. 501 691 447