Bill Gates über DRM & Kommunisten

Bill Gates gab dem Gizmodo-Blog ein vierteiliges Interview. Im vierten Teil relativiert er seine Äusserungen Kommunisten und geht auf DRM ein.

Gizmodo: What seems to me—what hurts my feelings—I feel like I, as a customer, want Microsoft to be totally on my side. In that, as far as the people that are producing things, that might want more DRM and might make it inconvenient, I don’t understand what it necessarily benefits you to help them.

Gates: No, I’ve said it exactly. We have your interests totally in mind, but that includes having… if there’s content that can only be there if it’s rights protected, we want to be able to have that content available to you. And so all we’re doing… in no sense are we hurting you, because if they’re willing to make the content available openly, believe me, that’s always the most wonderful thing. It’s the simplest.

Take, like, putting soundtracks onto movies using our movie editor thing. If you have unprotected music you can take slideshows, put music to it, encapsulate it in the file, mail it around—it works perfectly. If you have rights management, it’s actually painful because the people you’re mailing it to don’t have the certificate and it’s kind of painful. But because the artists… some things are only licensed to be in that form, it’s hard to put the track on Movie Maker. But hey, we want you, instead of not having that content, to have that content. And in the case that the authors decided it’s rights managed, you can decide to stay away from it or to use it. That, again, is your choice.

Eigentlich würden wir ja gerne …, aber wegen der Künstler (Eigentlich meint er die Industrie = Rechteinhaber) können wir leider nicht, sorry….

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