Podcast: Does Participatory Culture Lead to Participatory Democracy?

Bei AudioBerkman gibt es eine Session mit David Weinberger zum „Web of Ideas“: Does Participatory Culture Lead to Participatory Democracy?

Thanks to the pliability of bits and the connectedness of the Net, we’re now able to participate in our culture like never before. We can create a video and post it at sites like YouTube. We can watch a video and comment on it, tag it, link to it, mash it up with another video. We can build massive encyclopedias together. We can form clans to play games. We can build an island in SecondLife where we can interact in a world we’ve created together. But, is this burst of participation in culture leading to greater participation in politics and democracy? If so, what are the connecting points?

On this edition of AudioBerkman, we’ll hear David Weinberger leading a Web of Ideas discussion at the Berkman Center to explore these and other questions.

Die MP3 ist 1:20h lang.

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