Estland wählt digital

In Estland wird am 26. Februar erstmals eVoting bei einer nationalen Parlamentswahl eingesetzt: Estonia to e-Vote.

Introduced for municipal elections in 2005, any Estonian voter with a computer-readable voter ID card can exercise their democratic rights online. Almost all of the country’s registered voters – over 940,000 people – now hold such cards. To cast ballots voters access the electoral Web site in an three day advance-voting period, swipe their chip-card through a card reader and punch in a pin number. The card readers are available in public libraries and internet access points. They are also available to the public for as little as 100 kroons (8.39 USD). Estonians Look Forward To World-beating Cyber-ballot.

„Estonia is smaller (population 1.35 million) than traditional high-tech innovators such as Japan and Finland, and it’s always easier to try things out in a small society,“ explained Andres Kasekamp, professor of Baltic politics at Tartu University. „Politicians have also pursued a liberal policy regarding innovation – they’ve been keen to reduce the footprint of government generally, and this seems to be part of that ideology,“ he added.

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