Developing for the Commons

Aus dem Creative Commons-Weblog:

Part of our not-so-secret plan for world domination here at Creative Commons includes encouraging developers to include licensing support right in their application. We want to make it easy for developers to integrate license creation, detection and manipulation in their applications.

With that in mind, we’ve created 3 mailing lists and a Wiki. The CC Developer Wiki will collect code samples, examples and tools for using CC licenses and metadata in your applications. There’s still lots of information to add; I’ll be working on improving the contents as we develop new libraries and tools. If you’re working on a CC library or tool, feel free to add your information and grow the collective knowledge base.

The new mailing lists are specifically for developers. They are all hosted at the CC Tools project, and the archives will be available there. The lists are:

* cctools-developer: Discussion of developer tools, libraries and practices. Have an integration question? Ask it here.
* cctools-announce: A low traffic list for announcements of new libraries, APIs and tools. Moderated.
* cctools-cvs: CVS commit messages from the ccTools project repository. Subscribe if you want to keep tabs on our ongoing development efforts.

You can find subscription information for all three in the wiki. If you’re a developer and we can make your life easier, subscribe to the list and let us know how.

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