Überraschung: MP3 könnte Zukunft der Musikindustrie sein

Überraschung: Eliot Van Buskirk erklärt in einer Wired-Kolumne, weshalb MP3 die Zukunft der Musikindustrie ist.

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Everyone knows the MP3 format is used by more devices and people than any other file-based digital-audio format. Most also know that record labels prefer DRMed alternatives such as the ones sold by Apple’s iTunes, because they make it harder for people to share music. But wait — was that a pig flying past my window just now? Evidence is mounting that major labels may start to prefer the MP3 format, as impossible as that used to seem.

Here are seven reasons why MP3 is the future of the music industry:

1. The labels don’t have a choice
2. Apple might be forced into interoperability
3. Thomson has endorsed selling watermarked MP3s
4. Amazon is rumored to start selling MP3s by April
5. Sony: „DRMs are going to become less important“
6. People love AllofMP3.com
7. MP3 has future options

Das hätte man auch spätestens mit Napster kapieren können.

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