10 Tipps für besseres Podcasting

Jack Herrington, Autor des Buches „Podcasting Hacks“ aus dem O’Reilly-Verlag, gibt im Online-Magazin des Verlages interessante Ratschläge zum Thema Podcasting: Ten Tips for Improving Your Podcasts.

Podcasting is a challenging topic for a writer whose focus is technical books. With Podcasting Hacks I could have focused just on the technology angle, demonstrating all the cool stuff you can do with RSS and podcasting technology. But while I wanted to do that, I also wanted to cover the artistry of podcasting. Not just how to get a clean sound delivered reliably to your listeners‘ iPods, but more than that, to impart real-world knowledge and wisdom on producing podcasts that people want to listen to.

To do that, I couldn’t just rely on my own limited experience. So I went out and talked with over 30 successful podcasters, as well as radio personalities, engineers, and producers. I visited studios and spent time on both sides of the microphone. It was a fascinating journey. I brought all of that experience into the book. And a few friends I met along the road added a few hacks as well.