Kinder stimmen für Kerry

Bei kann man es nachlesen: Kinder würden Kerry wählen. Nickelodeon fragte über 400.000 Kinder, die auch 2000 schon den richtigen Riecher hatten.

Kids might not be able to vote until they are 18, but they are voters-in-the-making who can be influenced by and can influence their voting-age parents. Electronic communication technology is helping tell the tale.

The cable channel Nickelodeon has been polling kids since 1988 and claims they’ve never been wrong about the presidential election. In 2000, kids backed Bush. We’ll see this year: 57 percent of the 400,000 kid votes went to Kerry.

Kids Voting USA, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group, has a Web site designed to educate children about the electoral process. It also documents their dreams for America and lets them „vote“ on election day. Kids can find it at

Der Kinderkanal hier könnte zu Bundestagswahlen auch mal sowas machen! Das wäre ein nächster Schritt, nachdem der Bundestag ja schon von Peter Lustig erklärt wurde.