9. Oktober in Berlin: Privacy Happy Hour

Heute Abend findet in Berlin der von torservers.net, mailbox.org und Open-Xchange intitiierte Privacy Salon mit dem Thema „The Future of Privacy is In Our Hands: Trade-offs between Usability, Security and Encryption – a Technical Discussion“ statt. Um 18:30 Uhr beginnt die Diskussion, unter den Panelisten sind Jens Kubieziel von Torservers.net und Christian Dawson von i2 Coalition. Ab 17:00 Uhr wird bei Freibier zum Netzwerken eingeladen.

It is a fundamental right of democracy that privacy is being respected and protected. And waiting for legislative – led privacy suggestions that politicians debate endlessly – their compromises at best only make the terrible less terrible. At worst, things will just get worse. The real issue is: unless we do something, (Internet) privacy is just a historical dream of a forgotten era. How can we make encryption not only easy-to-use and ubiquitous but the preferred standard for communications and business? What language is required to get standards in place fast and what legislation can be passed that builds a positive agenda for the Internet? How can we be proactive and on top of things so we’re not fighting from behind? Let’s have a lively debate in a casual setting, with leading technology experts, business leaders and the pioneers right in the middle challenging all sides of what the Internet needs to become.

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