Open Spectrum International vorgestellt

Auf der Freifunk Summer Convention in Djursland/Dänemark wurde die neue Initiative „Open Spectrum International“ vorgestellt. OSI wird gefördert vom OSI (in diesem Fall dem Open Society Institute von George Soros), hat seinen Sitz in Prag und die Ziele sind u.a.:

Open Spectrum has grown into a „free speech“ movement for the era of media convergence. However, outside the United States, it is still not well known. More and more countries accept Wi-Fi without requiring end-user licenses. But a deeper reconsideration of the role of licensing in wireless communications has barely begun.

OSInt hopes to promote international awareness of Open Spectrum as a practical and desirable option, especially in emerging democracies and less-developed countries. Gathering and translating the best of the OS literature, participating in foreign regulators‘ public consultations, organizing workshops and conferences, developing this website as a resource, and working with transnational policymaking institutions – these are our initial plans.