Hello Web 3! – Blockchain und andere p2p-Technologien als Grundlage für das zukünftige soziale und sichere Internet

The B word is buzzing everywhere these days. Initial Coin Offerings seem to have become the hype thing on the internet in recent months. But it’s well worth to look beyond the craziness of this funny internet money and the token sale hype: Decentralised applications that do not rely on classic server-client system might be the new way of architecting a fundamentally different services on the internet. Services where users regain agency and don’t have to trust the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Googles) to not turn evil but where they can interact with an open infrastructure on which true p2p services can easily be deployed. Advanced crypto graphic schemas and new p2p technologies could allow secure e2e encrypted messaging and data distribution whose maintenance could be incentivised using blockchain technology to overcome the tragedy of the digital commons and to build a secure post-Snowden Web 3.

Speakerin: Dr. Jutta Steiner