MP3: Cory Doctorow – Europe’s Coming Broadcast Flag

Bei IT-Conversations gibt es jetzt die spannende Keynote von Cory Doctorow auf der vergangenen Eurooscon zum Thema „Europe’s Coming Broadcast Flag“ (MP3).

European mandates such as the Digital Video Broadcasting organization’s Content Protection & Copy Management are similar to the American broadcast flag but possibly more draconian in scope. Doctorow argues that digital rights management (DRM) is based on the notion that you can design a safe „so strong you can leave it in the robber’s living room“ and that DRM technologies treat users as attackers. According to Doctorow, DRM does little to protect copyright and is not a contract, as some might argue. At stake, he believes, is the open source community’s ability to write software, understand and improve technology, and disrupt markets with new and better way to create or distribute creative works.