Time to hold the (invisible) data industry to account

When we talk about data abuses, harms and injustices, we mostly talk about the companies we engage with on a daily basis. But what about companies that work in the background, away from the media’s spotlight and outside of people’s day-to-day online routine?
Not just one, but two important things happened in 2018: in March the Cambridge Analytica scandal made global headlines and in May the GDPR entered into force. In this talk, we’ll take a global perspective and show what an under regulated data ecosystems looks like. We’ll take a critical look at the impact that GDPR has had so far and will outline steps that we can all do now to hold the (invisible) data industry to account.

FREDERIKE KALTHEUNER is a technology policy expert with a background in philosophy. She leads Privacy International’s Data Exploitation programme. Privacy International is a global civil liberties organisation that litigates to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law and advocates for strong regional, national and international laws that protect privacy. Ms Kaltheuner develops the organisation’s policy positions on data privacy and security. She regularly speaks at tech and policy conferences and comments on emerging technologies in the British and international press. In 2016, she was a Transatlantic Digital Fellow on cybersecurity and platform regulation with the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin and New America Foundation in D.C. Ms Kaltheuner holds an MSc in Internet Science from the University of Oxford and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and from Maastricht University. She was previously a researcher at the University of Amsterdam and a visiting scholar at Bogazici University, Istanbul. Her upcoming book “Datengerechtigkeit” (Data Justice) will be published in German by Nicolai Publishing & Intelligence in Berlin this fall.
AILIDH CALLANDER is a Scots Law qualified solicitor with Privacy International and is responsible for our legal advocacy on data protection. She also leads our global legal research with our partners. Prior to joining Privacy International, Ailidh worked in private practice advising a range of clients on parliamentary and public law with a focus on data protection and freedom of information. Ailidh also has a background in human rights law having spent time at the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica. Ailidh received her LLB in Law and Spanish and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Edinburgh.

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