Back off from the Internet, commissioner Malmström

Das geht ja schnell mit der europäischen Vernetzung gegen die Netzzensur-Pläne der liberalen EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström. Das schwedische Projekt Telecomix hat ein MashUp gebastelt, in dem die Pläne thematisiert werden. Ganz schön cool geworden für die kurze Produktionszeit: Back off from the Internet, commissioner Malmström.

Hier ist eine 20 MB großes Quicktime-Datei.

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  1. Der Sprachsynthesizer hätte wirklich besser sein können. Vor allem etwas langsamer.
    Diese Art ist übrigens angelehnt an die Vorgehensweise von „anonymous“ und ich finde sie sehr sympathisch.

  2. Gefunden auf youtube:

    this is Cameron from Telecomix.

    It has come to our knowledge that European commissioner for home affairs, Cecilia Malmstroem will propose a filtering system of internet web sites for all of the union member states.

    This system has been deployed in many places already; in China they call it „The Golden Shield“, in Australia it filters out women with small breasts, and in Iran it prevents civil rights groups to use the Internet. Even though it can be circumvented easily, it still cuts of large parts of the populations from accessing information.

    Once deployed, in the name of fighting paedophilia online, this block filter can rapidly extend to also block political, religious or other sensitive information.

    Europe will no longer be an open society if there is state censorship. No matter how horrible the content of certain websites is, censorship is a method for despotic regimes, not for democracies. Censorship is an easy way out if you don’t want to deal with the real problem and lowers the incentive for authorities to get to the cause of child pornography. You will not find the solution by censoring our communication networks; censorship just treats the symptoms. People that really want to communicate with each other will always find methods to circumvent the control systems. The censorship that you propose will primarily affect internauts using plaintext communication networks.

    We command Cecila Malmstroem to rethink her position. It is not acceptable that our communication networks should be controlled, filtered and censored. We are closely monitoring not only this matter, but also the ongoing renegotiations of the data retention directive, for which Malmstroem is responsible. Europe must turn around and stop sleepwalking into a surveillance society and state censorship!

    Every day Chinese internauts risk their well-being by breaching through the digital wall of oppression. Europe will loose its credibility needed to condemn such violations when we are about to do the same thing.

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