Telekom-Paket: „Artikel 138 ist tot“

La Quadrature du Net schreibt über die jüngsten Entwicklungen zum Telekom-Paket. Das Europäische Parlament hat sich gegen den Artikel 138 und für einen schwächeren Ersatz entschieden:

Yesterday, representatives of the European Parliament, an institution that ordinarily prides itself for protecting human rights at home and abroad, decided to surrender to the pressure exerted by Member States. The Parliament gave up on amendment 138, a provision adopted on two occasions by an 88% majority of the plenary assembly, and which aims at protecting citizens‘ freedom in the online world. Instead of ensuring that no restriction to Internet access would be imposed without the prior ruling of a judge, amendment 138 will instead be replaced by a weak provision, that does not carry any new important safeguard for citizen’s freedoms. analysiert einen weiteren Zusatz zum Telekom-Paket, den die Europäische Kommission veröffentlicht hat. Die Deklaration soll dem Telekom-Paket angehängt werden:

Careful analysis of the Commission’s „net neutrality“ statement, reveals instead a statement concerning the monitoring of restrictions to Internet services and applications, where the Commission may only pass on comments to national regulators. What should have been a welcome step forward by the European Commission, is instead, a dangerous step backwards. It will underpin even further the restriction of the Internet, and graduated response measures.

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