The big DRM mistake

Im Register gibt es einen lesenswerten Kommentar über „The big DRM mistake – It just doesn’t make sense…„. Der Autor verarbeitet dort seine Erfahrungen als Konsument mit DRM geschützt Werken und fragt ausführlich nach dem (Un-)Sinn mit guten Argumenten.

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DRM has wormed its way into the imaginations of Hollywood, the RIAA, and publishers, and they in turn have convinced the computer industry (who, it must be admitted, needed little convincing) that DRM must be applied and supported throughout their products. To The New Yorker, I’m sure that DRM made lots of sense. In reality, though, it doesn’t. DRM has angered this customer (and many others), eviscerated my Fair Use rights, ultimately rendered the money I spent moot, and it can still be copied anyway! Where does that leave the publisher? It sounds to me like we were both – consumer and publisher – sold a bill of goods. Welcome to the future!

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