Save the Internet – Kampagne

Save the Internet ist eine neue „Send a letter to Washington„-Kampagne zum Thema Netzneutralität. Einer der Slogans ist „Don’t Let Congress Ruin the Internet“.

netzpolitik.org - ermöglicht durch Dich.

Dazu gibt es ein Manifest:

SavetheInternet.com Coalition Statement of Principles

We believe that the Internet is a crucial engine for economic growth and democratic discourse. We urge Congress to take steps now to preserve network neutrality, a guiding principle of the Internet, and to ensure that the Internet remains open to innovation and progress.

Network neutrality is the Internet’s First Amendment. Without it, the Internet is at risk of losing the openness and accessibility that has revolutionized democratic participation, economic innovation and free speech.

From its beginnings, the Internet was built on a cooperative, democratic ideal. It has leveled the playing field for all comers. Everyday people can have their voices heard by thousands, even millions of people. Network neutrality has prevented gatekeepers from blocking or discriminating against new economic, political and social ideas.

The major telecommunications legislation now under consideration in Congress must include meaningful and enforceable network neutrality requirements to keep the Internet free and open to all.

Bei Youtube gibt es ein Video über „Net Neutrality“ von Alex Curtis, der das für Public Knowledge gemacht hat:

Nett gemacht und leider wenig übertragbar aufs deutsche Fraktionssystem: Eine Flash-Karte zeigt, welche Position die Politiker in dem entscheidenden Ausschuss vertreten.

In einer FAQ wird ausführlich erklärt, worum es bei Net-Neutrality geht:

What is network neutrality?

“Network neutrality” — or “net neutrality” for short — is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet. Net neutrality ensures that all users can access the content or run the applications and devices of their choice. With net neutrality, the network’s only job is to move data — not choose which data to privilege with higher quality service.

Net neutrality is the reason why the Internet has driven innovation and economic growth. It’s why the Internet has become an unrivaled environment for open communications, civic involvement and free speech. But there’s currently no law on the books protecting net neutrality. If Congress doesn’t take action now, the future of the Internet is at risk.

Weitersagen und Unterstützen. Danke!
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