Release The Music

Die britische Open Rights Group hat eine Kampagne gegen die Verlängerung der Urheberrechtsschutzfristen gestartet: Release The Music.

Term extension would:

* Starve the public domain, stopping people from reusing, remixing and mashing up old recordings
* Stop performers and composers from re-releasing their own public domain out-of-print works
* Stop businesses from conserving and re-releasing old material
* Give the major labels more power over our musical culture
* Stifle innovation in the distribution of recorded music

We believe that any extension to the term of copyright protection for sound recordings would be highly damaging to artists and the public good. We hereby request that you publicly reject all demands from all parties for any extension, retrospective or prospective, to the term of copyright protection for sound recordings.

2 Ergänzungen
  1. Noch längere Fristen würden auch für mich bedeuten, daß ich meinen „Club der dichten Toten“ nicht abmischen kann, weil lange tot noch keine Versicherung gegen böse Rechteinhaber wäre. Oh je.

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