UNESCO-Gutachten zu ethischen Implikationen von neuen Technologien

Die UNESCO hat in einem Gutachten die ethischen Implikationen von neuen Technologien wie RFID und Location Based Services untersucht. Spannende Lektüre: UNESCO publishes survey on ethical implications of emerging technologies.

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What are the ethical implications of the semantic web, biometrics, radio-frequency identification, location-based services, mesh and ubiquitous networking, grid computing and other new computing technologies? A study just released by UNESCO analyses likely consequences of different technological choices.


In presenting results of this examination, the report first tells an introductory story of how the technologies covered relate to one another. Next, infoethics goals are presented. Then, for each technological trend surveyed, the report contains a short chapter drafted in lay terms to provide an overview of the relevant technology and to highlight ramifications and concerns. The report then summarizes this infoethics analysis and revisits the story of the emerging technologies. Finally, the report offers recommendations on ways to advance infoethics goals in anticipation of these oncoming technologies.

PDF mit 89 Seiten: Ethical implications of emerging technologies .

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