Lessig über Breitband-Wettbewerb und Netzneutralität

Lawrence Lessig hat in der Financial Times einen Kommentar zu Netzneutralität geschrieben: Congress must keep broadband competition alive. - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

The US is facing a competitive crisis in broadband deployment. Yet as it continues to fall behind its competitors, the Federal Communications Commission continues to live in denial. The more it has “deregulated” telecommunications, the worse (comparatively) broadband competition and service have become. When it was 10th in the world George W. Bush, US president, said that “10th is 10 spots too low”. The nation is now 16th. Broadband in the US is 12 times the price in Japan and six times the price in France.

Network neutrality legislation alone will not solve those problems. But it will make sure that the one bright spot in the internet economy – the one place where vigorous competition continues – will be protected. Congress needs to remove the incentive to keep broadband in its currently hobbled state. A thin rule of network neutrality could help do just that.

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