EU-Event in Strassburg zu Menschenrechte in der Informationsgesellschaft

Am Montag und Dienstag veranstaltet das „Council of Europe“ in Strassburg eine Veranstaltung zum Thema „Human Rights in the Information Society: Responsible Behaviour by Key Actors“. Zu der Veranstaltung wird es noch einen Web-Cast geben.

Building an inclusive Information Society, based on respect for human rights, requires new forms of solidarity, partnership and cooperation among governments, civil society, the private sector and international organisations. Through open discussions and exchanges of information worldwide, a multi-stakeholder governance approach will help shape agendas and devise new regulatory and non-regulatory models which will account for challenges and problems arising from the rapid development of the Information Society.

The Council of Europe is inviting interested representatives of states, industry (e.g. internet service providers, mobile phone operators, gaming industry, software manufacturers, etc), civil society and the media, as well as other organisations, institutions and experts, to take part in the Pan-European Forum on “Human Rights in the Information Society: Responsible Behaviour by Key Actors” which will take place at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, on 12 and 13 September 2005.

In the light of a recent Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the Information Society and Council of Europe priorities regarding the protection of children and internet content, the Forum will identify and discuss responsible and irresponsible behaviour by key actors in the Information Society and how states, industry and civil society can work together (inter alia through partnerships, policy making, greater awareness and education) to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights in the Information Society.