Reportage im Guardian: Wie das Internet erfunden wurde

Rossotti’s Biergarten, einer der Geburtsorte des Internets. Foto: CC-BY 3.0 W Nowicki / Wikipedia

Das Internet wird im August 40 Jahre alt. Zum Geburtstag erinnert der Guardian mit einem langen Artikel an seine Entstehung im Jahr 1976: - unabhängig & kritisch dank Euch.

If you had walked into Rossotti’s beer garden on 27 August 1976, you would have seen the following: seven men and one woman at a table, hovering around a computer terminal, the woman typing. A pair of cables ran from the terminal to the parking lot, disappearing into a big grey van. Inside the van were machines that transformed the words being typed on the terminal into packets of data. An antenna on the van’s roof then transmitted these packets as radio signals. These signals radiated through the air to a repeater on a nearby mountain top, where they were amplified and rebroadcast. With this extra boost, they could make it all the way to Menlo Park, where an antenna at an office building received them.

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