Offener Brief: Wie oft gibt Skype Nutzerdaten heraus?

warum_kampagne_skypeWelche Daten kann Skype über seine Nutzer herausgeben und wie oft wird das getan? Diese Fragen stellt ein breites Bündnis von Datenschützern, Internet-Aktivisten, Journalisten und anderen Organisationen an den Eigentümer Microsoft. Der Betreiber der weit verbreiteten IP-Telefonie-Software soll dem Beispiel anderer Unternehmen folgen und endlich Transparenz herstellen.

Unter gibt’s den Brief, der auch vom Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. unterzeichnet wurde:

We call on Skype to release a regularly updated Transparency Report that includes:

  1. Quantitative data regarding the release of Skype user information to third parties, disaggregated by the country of origin of the request, including the number of requests made by governments, the type of data requested, the proportion of requests with which it complied — and the basis for rejecting those requests it does not comply with.
  2. Specific details of all user data Microsoft and Skype currently collects, and retention policies.
  3. Skype’s best understanding of what user data third-parties, including network providers or potential malicious attackers, may be able to intercept or retain.
  4. Documentation regarding the current operational relationship between Skype with TOM Online in China and other third-party licensed users of Skype technology, including Skype’s understanding of the surveillance and censorship capabilities that users may be subject to as a result of using these alternatives.
  5. Skype’s interpretation of its responsibilities under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), its policies related to the disclosure of call metadata in response to subpoenas and National Security Letters (NSLs), and more generally, the policies and guidelines for employees followed when Skype receives and responds to requests for user data from law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the United States and elsewhere.

Google hat gerade wieder vorgemacht, wie sowas geht.

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