Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-regulatory Solution

Das Buch „Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-regulatory Solution“ von Chris Marsden gibts als Hardcover zum kaufen und unter einer CC-Lizenz zum Download (PDF).

Ich hab es noch nicht gelesen, aber um die Perspektive in der Debatte soll es gehen:

The network neutrality debate is only in part about economics and technology, despite what you might surmise from various pro-competitive statements by academics and the shape of the US and European debates. The extent to which even lawyers have been drawn into an open-ended debate regarding the merits of duopoly versus inset competition in telecoms, or the relative merits of open interoperable software environments versus proprietary property rights-based or corporate developments, or the benefits of end to end ‘dumb’ networks versus intelligent networks, displays the capture of the subject by economists and corporate technologists. The issues at stake are more fundamental to society than that. As a lawyer who has written for over a decade in favour of pro-competitive telecoms and media policy, I am not ashamed or abashed to state that I emphasize that communications policy is about fundamental rights of citizens as well as public welfare for consumers, and that it is about educated and informed users as well as optimally priced access networks.


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