LinuxChix Africa

Im iCommons-Blog gibt es ein Interview mit Anna Badimo, der Vorsitzenden der LinuxChix Africa.

5. How do you think the empowerment of African women with ICT skill can help with community development specifically?

Firstly, ICT offers a lot of economic opportunities for women, and with a critical mass of these skills, I think that we will start thinking about how we can make ICT practical for other women, and how we can use it to solve their day-to-day problems. Women will start being creative in areas that are currently neglected by mainstream ICT, like preserving indigenous knowledge, which has been passed from one generation of women to the other. Also, since women are the ones who are often sacrificed when decisions are made in families about education, we want to explore how the FOSS localization tools can be applied to deliver information to women who were not privileged enough to be formally educated. The list is endless – how can FOSS be applied in agriculture, eGovernment, eBusiness, eHealth, etc. and what FOSS business opportunities are available to women.

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