Linux in China und Brasilien hat zwei interessante Artikel zur Linux-Wirtschaft in China und Brasilien.

China’s Linux industry booms, despite problems

Though she says there are many problems in the industry, Hu still believes that China’s Linux industry will grow quickly in the next five years. „More and more users now accept Linux. The government is pushing the use of it. Market channels are improving. Windows and Linux producers work together to improve the compatibility between each other. Add the anti-piracy movement from Microsoft and the development of virtual technologies — all these factors will push the growth of the market.“ Hu forecasts that China’s Linux market would increased an average of 28% per year between 2006 and 2010.

Brazil’s FOSS utopia image at risk

According to the international media, Brazil is a leader in free and open source software (FOSS) adoption. The New York Times describes the country as „a tropical outpost of the free software movement,“ while BBC News claims that „Increasingly, Brazil’s government ministries and state-run enterprises are abandoning Windows in favour of ‚open-source‘ or ‚free‘ software.“ However, FOSS advocates familiar with Brazil describe a less hopeful situation.

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