iCommons: Interview mit Cory Doctorow

Meike hat ein Interview mit Cory Doctorow gemacht. Das gibts jetzt als MP3 und als OGG.

Next Podcast-Interview from iCommons summit: The fantasticfantasticfantastic Cory Doctorow – science-fiction-author, copyright activist, co-editor of Boing Boing – talked about:

* how and why he uses creative commons licences for his books, his experiences
* how he talked his publisher (Tor books belongs to Holtzbrinck!) into it
* how his readers collaborate and help to make his writings available in different languages and formats
* the “tragedy of the commons” and why the tragedy transforms into happiness (or as Cory said “grass-shitting shesps) in digital worlds
* what he thinks of the idea of the content flatrate
* what his attitude towards the here much stressed phrase “free culture movement” is

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