iCommons: Interview mit Cory Doctorow

Meike hat ein Interview mit Cory Doctorow gemacht. Das gibts jetzt als MP3 und als OGG. ist unabhängig, werbefrei und fast vollständig durch unsere Leserinnen und Leser finanziert.

Next Podcast-Interview from iCommons summit: The fantasticfantasticfantastic Cory Doctorow – science-fiction-author, copyright activist, co-editor of Boing Boing – talked about:

* how and why he uses creative commons licences for his books, his experiences
* how he talked his publisher (Tor books belongs to Holtzbrinck!) into it
* how his readers collaborate and help to make his writings available in different languages and formats
* the “tragedy of the commons” and why the tragedy transforms into happiness (or as Cory said “grass-shitting shesps) in digital worlds
* what he thinks of the idea of the content flatrate
* what his attitude towards the here much stressed phrase “free culture movement” is

Weitersagen und Unterstützen. Danke!
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