Network-Neutrality-Änderungen als Kampf gegen Filesharing?

Interessante These: Susan Crawford geht der Frage nach, weshalb der Disney Konzern auf einmal für eine Änderung der Netzwerk-Neutralität-Regeln sein könnte: Damit kann man Filesharing eindämmen…: Why did Disney Change its Mind about Network Neutrality?

As of March 2006, Disney has deals with Verizon (according to the article linked to above). What’s in these deals?

The MPAA (of which Disney is a member) has always wanted to get rid of P2P. In 2002, the MPAA filed a short paper with the Senate Judiciary Committee reporting progress on three goals: implementing the broadcast flag, plugging the analog hole, and „[p]utting an end to the avalanche of movie theft on so-called ‘file-sharing” services, such as Morpheus, Gnutella, and other peer-to-peer (p2p) networks.“

Someone needs to look into the contractual relationships between network providers and movie studios carefully. Is it possible that the network providers have agreed to help Hollywood eradicate P2P, and that in exchange Hollywood has decided to actively oppose the network neutrality policies it argued for in 2002?


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